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In a society where technology is producing more and more high tech crime opportunities, and freedom of travel means that we no longer know our work partners as we used to, it is vital that company's and organisation's security regimes are regularly assessed and tested against current threats and trends across the globe.
Where crime does take place or situations need to be investigated to ensure the safety and security of corporate or an individuals property and intellectual possessions, then Kronus, with its team of industry experts, can assist in resolving these situations in a way that meets the requirements of the customer, their employees and other stakeholders.  






Kronus Consulting was founded by Nigel Godden in 2014 after a highly successful career in the security industry.


From Police Officer in Sussex serving mostly as a Detective, to Managing Director of a number of Divisions for an International Security and Facility Services supplier, to establishing a National Aviation Security Company, with experience in the UK Europe, South Africa, Asia and the US, and subsequently building a Manned Guarding Company, Alpha Plus Security, which became a leader in its field. 


The Kronus team carries on the philosophy of "Diligence, Integrity and Discretion" in all its undertakings.




For more information


 please contact Nigel Godden


07745 042033

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